Natural medicine for veterans.

Finally. Subsidised natural therapy care for eligible DVA patients, made simple. We understand your needs.

Dedicated services for veterans.

Is Valentius for you?

Valentius recognises the unique health needs of Australia’s veteran community. We have healthcare professionals who can tailor fully or partially subsidised treatment plans for eligible patients, if approved by the DVA.

Our mission is to make this process as simple and as fast as possible for you.

When you haven’t found relief from conventional treatments, natural medicine may be an option for a range of symptoms, both physical and mental.

Am I eligible for DVA-funded natural therapy?

We work with the Department of Veterans Affairs to help navigate the process for eligible patients.

The DVA considers funding natural medicine on a case-by-case basis.

Our team can assess and discuss your eligibility. Book in your screening appointment today.

How to access natural therapy through Valentius

Book a free consult with our team

Start by booking your eligibility screening appointment from our website

Consult with our DVA Doctor

Complete your online consult with a Valentius DVA doctor, who if appropriate, will issue a natural medicine script

TGA & DVA applications for funding

Valentius will submit applications on your behalf to both TGA and DVA seeking funding approval, which is assessed on a case-by-case basis

Medicine is delivered to your door

If approved, we will contact you to organise delivery of your funded or partially funded medicine. See "Medication" section below.

Valentius Services

Screening Appointment
Bulk Billed
Screening with Nurse Practitioner
Medical History
No Doctor Referral Necessary
DVA Doctor Consultation
Bulk Billed
DVA Doctor Appointment
Natural Medicine Assessment
Treatment Plan
Funded by DVA*
Partial or Fully Funded Subject to DVA Approval
Free Express Post Delivery
Application process managed by Valentius
Follow Up Appointments
Bulk Billed
Telehealth Follow Up Appointments
Repeats and Script Changes
Patient Questions

* Subject to DVA approval. We work with the DVA to help navigate the process for eligible patients. The DVA considers funding natural medicine on a case-by-case basis. Our team can assess and discuss your eligibility. There may be a pharmacy co-payment of approx $7.70 payable by the patient to the pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are tight restrictions around the prescribing of certain natural therapies in Australia, however, eligible patients can access these medicines if deemed appropriate by a healthcare professional.

Visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) website or the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) for more information.

Am I eligible for DVA-funded natural therapy?


The Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) considers covering eligible veterans for natural medicines, either partially or fully, depending on your condition, and if deemed medically appropriate by a doctor.

Valentius supports veterans through the entire process. Our medical professionals, including DVA doctors and nurse practitioners, manage initial screening and assessment of suitability, develop an appropriate treatment plan, prepare and apply for all regulatory approvals and DVA funding application where applicable. Ongoing monitoring, adjustments and regular support ensure veterans are supervised throughout their treatment and get the best possible care.

What services does Valentius offer?


Valentius looks after eligible veteran patients all around Australia, even in rural and remote areas, via the convenience of telehealth. Our services are put in place to potentially fill the gap in helping alleviate patient symptoms with nature-based therapies, when conventional medicine has failed or fallen short.

Do I need a referral?


We have made it easy for you. No referral is necessary but we do need your medical summary in order for our team to get the full picture of your health needs.

What kind of DVA card do I need?


Screening and appointments at Valentius are bulk billed for all DVA card holders. If you are deemed eligible for natural medicine, Gold Card members may be assessed by the DVA to have their medication fully funded. White Card holders’ medication funding is subject to approval by the DVA based on their condition and symptoms such as incessant pain. This may result in either full or partial funding.

Can I reschedule my appointment?


Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your appointment up until 48 hours before your appointment time to cover costs and ensure appointments stay available for patients that need them. 

Do you still have questions?